Race Director 2015 Full Download

Version 2015 Now Available

From this page, you can install Race Director 2015.
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Important Note!
If you have purchased an earlier version of The Race Director, do not install Race Director 2015 from this site on the same computer until you are ready to purchase a 2015 support subscription.  Installing Race Director 2015 from this page will automatically put your system into Demo mode.
  From the Home page, use the Buy Now button to purchase a support subscription.  You will find choices in the middle of that page in "Other Race Director Payments.
Step 1 - First Time Download
To download a demonstration copy of the Windows version of The Race Director, follow the instructions below. Be sure to take note of the requirements section at the end of this section. These instructions are for an initial install of The Race Director.  
System Requirements
Windows XP/Vista/Win 7/Win 8.  The minimum screen resolution supported is 1024 by 768.  It is strongly recommended that you do not operate Race Director using a NetBook computer.
Starting up Race Director
From the Start Menu select Programs. On the Programs menu should be a choice called The Race Director. Select the Program from this folder.
Since it is a demonstration version of the software you will be limited to only twenty participants per race.

2015 Installation

Run the install from here-> 2015Full.exe     
  • Download the file 2015Full.exe directly to your Desktop or to any folder of your choosing on your hard drive.  Alternatively, you can choose "Run" directly from the download prompt. This is a large file - over 30 Meg and will take some time to download.
  • After the download completes successfully, run the install by double clicking on the downloaded file. This should result in the installation of the system.
After the installation is complete, the file 2015Full.exe can be deleted. 

Be sure to also install the latest 2015 update.  Start Race Director and use File -> Download update for the latest updates to RD 2015. 

New Users Only
Click here to register with the Race Director website.  

Use this link if you need to run the 2014 full install - 2014Full.exe