Race Director 2015 Now Available

The Race Director 2015 is now available!
Click the Buy Now button on the Race Director homepage to purchase the latest version and get started immediately.  Once the page loads, scroll down to the "Other Race Director Payments" section and select the appropriate support plan based on the number of races you are scoring annually. 

2015 Improvements Summary

There are significant improvements in RD 2015 including:

  • Integration with new partners - Race Results chip timing system, ACTIVE Works Endurance online registration, SignMeUp.com online registration and TheDriven.net online registration.
  • Several improvements to the Timing Points added in RD 2014.
  • Data Share no longer needed when using Direct Connect to chip systems.
  • Six Plus Segment Races - you can now configure these complicated races to have a different number of splits by division.
  • RunSignUp Integration - Many, many improvements here as they aggressively pursue a seamless integration with Race Director for synchronizing participant data (both directions) and uploading results that are completely in line with the results you're creating at the race site.
  • GRU Publishing.  It is now possible to upload GRU results directly from the chip results import screen.  This enables you to publish result data to your web server immediately as you are importing chip results data.  

    Please click on Read More for a detailed list of the 2015 Ehancements.  -Roger

TheDriven.net - New Race Director Integration Partner

Race Director now supports The Driven Race & Club Solutions as an integration partner. Race Directors can now provide access to Timers for downloading participant data and the assignment of bib numbers. Timers and race directors can now also make use of The Driven Race & Club Solutions Dynamic Registration tool enabling race day registration without keying in late registrations manually. 

The Race Director Online Survey

Thank you to all who completed the survey and to Alan Jones for allowing Race Director users to share in the survey. 

Please see the results here -  Online Registration Survey Results


Cross Country Season 2014

September 15, 2014 - It's that time of year again - cross country season is upon us.  Some nice changes are available in RD 2014 for cross country including total integration with my-finish.com.

Thre are two rather significant improvements to cross country scoring that have just been implemented.  1) For races where all of the finishers are expected to be one gender, the chip results import will automatically discard any result for the opposite gender.  2) When removing an unwanted read by entering a zero time override, you're now prompted about automatically switching the participant back to the default division.  Both of these improvements are available now in the latest 2014 update and are documented in the Cross Country Scoring Guide.  

August Race Director Webinar

Fremont, MI - August 12, 2014.  Thank you to everyone who attended the August 11th webinar dedicated to topics submitted by Race Director customers.  
Covered topics included 1) Basic Race Setup, 2) Chip System Direct Connect, 3) Timing Point Examples, 4) Cross Country Scoring, 5) Results Publishing / Results Kiosks, 6) General Questions.

To see a You Tube video of the session, please follow this link.  August Webinar.

Product Features

The Race Director - System designed specifically for the management of races (running, bicycle, skiing).

-Participant setup
-Results entry
-Pre-race reports
-Post-race reports
-Software for timing
-Individual and team scoring for single races, biathlons and triathlons.  

Requires Microsoft Windows.  
Interfaces to all major chip systems:
- MyLaps BibTag
-RFID (Accuchip)
-Winning Times

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