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Race Day Scoring

Race Director 2019 Now Available

January 9, 2019.  This is a major milestone year in the life of Race Director - the release of Race Day Scoring.  As a subscriber to Race Director 2019, you will gain access to this exciting new product.  Beginning now, you can begin learning and using the new software while continuing to use Race Director.  This is not the end of Race Director, just the "Beginning of the End".  Refer to this blog post by Bob Bickel from RunSingUp for the official word on Race Director's future.

Much of the major development work in Race Director 2019 is related to the bridges we're building to enable you to transfer your race data from Race Director to Race Day Scoring and the ability to use Race Director functions (Results Kiosks, for example) for races you score with Race Day Scoring.  Please review this document for a full list of Race Director improvements in 2019.

For the first time in many years, the pricing structure for Race Director support is changing.  The new pricing is explained here.

To purchase your 2019 support subscription, please use this link.