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Update 2020

Race Director 2020 Update

After you have installed Race Director 2020 please download and install the update below.

Please Check: In Race Director, go to Help -> About RD and confirm that you are using Race Director 2020 before downloading and installing this update.

  1. Select the "Update.exe" link below and then choose the "Run" option to begin the update installation.
  2. After the download completes successfully, execute the update by double clicking on the downloaded file.
  3. After the installation is complete, the file Update.exe can be deleted.

2020 Update - Run or download this file: Update.exe


2020 Updates

01/17/22 1) Fix to RSU import
2) Added the ability to show best X laps in lap reporting.
12/21/21 1) Corrected an issue with the Lap Results report when used in a segment race.
2) Fine tuning of top finisher descriptions in GRU output.
3) Changes to Race Roster participant data imports and results pushes for non-binary.
4) Correction of an issue when sending RSU results in incremental mode.
5) Created a customizable Lap Race Announcer screen.  The columns to show and the size of the font can be set in the options.
6) Correction to GRU top finisher categories.
7) Correction to the series report when selecting races with varying segment counts
12/07/21 1) Removed all gender references in cross country reports when running finish reports for divisions flagged as non-binary.
2) Added a new setting so that chip codes can be displayed in decimal in Update -> Participants when using Trident UHF.
3) Bug correction for results set templates with a mixure of sending and not sending chip time
4) Corrected a bug with the setting for uploading participants from related divisions to RSU.
11/17/21 1) Corrections to how aggregate and relay team names are sent in RSU Result Set Templates
2) Added the ability to set Gender based on a custom question response when importing participant data from RSU.
3) Added a Getting Started Guide for Non-Binary
11/11/21 1) Changes to enhance RD capabilities with non binary.
2) Correction to showing finish time in the team view in RSU team results.
3) Correction of a bug on the XC Detail Team report for when segment definitions are different by division.
10/21/21 1) Corrections to how RSU settings are cleared when cloning a RSU race.
2) Changed RSU results publishing to only send chip or gun time when they are established as a column in the result set template
3) Correction to division quarantine process
4) Added full address and email to the award winner extract on the age group report
5) Corrected a problem with publishing team results to RSU when scoring by total time
09/26/21 1) Correction of issue when building the MileSplit export.
2) Enhancement to the RDS Import to establish the race configured as not posting results.
3) Corrected an error in the RDS Import that resulted in incorrect division distances.
4) Corrected logic for checking for start time quarantine divisions.
5) Added a setting in Live Results Setup for building RSU Divisions from RD age group descriptions for linked divisions.
6) Enhanced the CheckMat report with HTML and Spreadsheet options.
09/10/21 Added RSU links to go directly to the participant and team views in Tailor -> Options
09/10/21 Enhanced the results kiosk to show cumulative or segment times/paces respecting the setting in Tailor - Options for cumulative/segment
09/10/21 Enhanced the Results kiosk to work with 6+ segment races when connected to RDS
09/10/21 TFRRS Correction for races with different segment counts by division.
09/10/21 Changes to the RD Kiosk when connected to a RDS XC race.
09/10/21 Changed the wording for penalty/credit on lap race reports to "Time Adjustment"
09/10/21 Enhanced the Point Based series report to give the option to base points on combined divisions.
09/10/21 Correction to setting for sending DNF to RSU results
09/10/21 Switched the update download process from FTP to SFTP
08/26/21 Fine tuning to start read filtering
08/26/21 Added a prompt when importing Race Results chip reads when not configured for chip assignments but chip assignments exist.
08/26/21 Enhancement to remove gender references in pre-race alpha list if it's a non binary division.
08/26/21 Enhanced the kiosk when linked to RSU to show double/triple dip age group placements.
08/10/21 Enhancement to the Kiosk printout to show all categories when connected to RDS where there is double / triple dipping.
08/10/21 Correction to Kiosk screen when connected to RDS where there is double/triple dipping.
08/03/21 Changed the age group HTML to show "Ages" instead of gender for link headings.
08/03/21 Improvements for MyLaps long/short calculations
08/03/21 Corrections for IPICO Long/Short lap races
08/03/21 Enhanced the Mile Split export from cross country based on new requirements from Mile Split.
08/03/21 For RSU races, made a change to only allow a Group Type to get created when none exist at RSU.
07/21/21 Enhancements to the RDS Import to cover recent changes.
07/21/21 Added an option to limit the number of bonus races in the Point Based Series Report.
07/21/21 Correction of problem with team results at RSU for races with combined division results.
07/21/21 Correction of bug causing a prompt about invalid start times for races with combined division results at RSU.
07/21/21 Corrections to GRU store / save process
07/21/21 Added a scrolling HTML option for lap race overall summary reports.
07/13/21 Enhancements to File -> RDS Export.
07/13/21 Additional logic in RD to insure that any divisions that originate in RDS do not get overwritten from RD.
07/08/21 Added a check when starting a new year to catch that you are auto assigning top finishers and giving the option to turn this off.
07/08/21 Added an option to the Prior Year Results report to include non finishers.
07/08/21 Corrected an issue with the RSU participant data import for races where you do not want the age calculated from the birth date
06/01/21 Enhanced chip results screen to remember certain settings based on timing location.
06/01/21 Added the ability to also publish GRU results when publishing RSU results.
06/01/21 Correction to interpolated age group factors for races that don't have a standard age grace factor distance.
06/01/21 Added the ability to set gender based on a custom question response in the RSU participant data import.
06/01/21 Enhanced the import process for split/finish reads to report pre-gun reads only if there isn't a good read after the pre-gun read(s).
06/01/21 Correction to setting occurrence counts when configuring segments.
06/01/21 Enhancements to the headings for the point based series report.
06/01/21 Added an option to show DNF participants on the point based series report 
05/19/21 Corrected a problem with RSU Division results for races with splits and double dipping top finishers and age groups.
05/19/21 Added a minimum number of races setting to the point based series report.
05/19/21 Correction to spreadsheet output of split TOD in 6+ segment races.
05/19/21 Corrected an RSU publishing problem for participants who have a segment DQ, but not a finish DQ.
05/10/21 Added a new RSU setting to allow assigning RD Divisions to RSU events without creating result sets.
05/10/21 Changed the RSU team results display to show total time for the team score when scoring by total time.
05/10/21 Adjusted the RSU publishing for cross country to always send the gender placement to RSU.
05/10/21 Correction of bug for RSU race with participants in both relay teams and aggregate, but the aggregate teams are not set up in RD.
04/28/21 Corrected issue with sending the TOD from the start read to the GRU data.
04/28/21 Corrected an error with the display of overrides that caused start read overrides to show up in the view for other timing points.
04/21/21 Correction of RSU publishing issue with Top Finisher Only divisions.
04/21/21 Enhanced the RSU participant upload to use the RD system default for country when country is not specified on the participant record.
04/21/21 Corrected a problem with Excluded events in the Race Roster participant data import.
04/15/21 Correction to the point series report when selecting all divisions.
04/15/21 Enhancements to the random draw process to use data filter when printing or exporting to Excel.
03/19/21 Implemented the new race statistics API
03/19/21 Enhanced assigning Divisions by a RSU custom question response to work for relay divisions.
03/19/21 Added a setting for split/finish chip results imports to ignore reads if the participant has no start time.
03/19/21 Corrected bug related to participant retrieval from RSU using RSU button in Update -> Participants.
03/19/21 Enhancements to the Overall Finish list to preserve top finisher status when printing a single segment.
03/19/21 Added team relay reporting to the new point based series report.
03/19/21 Added checking to insure that RSU virtual event result sets are not used as Race Director result sets.
02/19/21 TFRRS Participant Data Import issue resolved.
02/19/21 Correction to net time calculation in combined teams report
02/19/21 Correction to chip assignments in the RDS Export
02/19/21 Corrected total pace on lap races where a final partial distance is added
02/01/21 Moved the TFRRS participant data import to the initial RD import menu.
02/01/21 Correction to override function for races with mixed start/finish and additional timing locations
02/01/21 Added a setting for suppressing the prompt about getting a report of unmatched chip assignments.
02/01/21 Enhancements to Impinj chip system imports
02/01/21 Enhanced the RSU Team results to show Nordic points
02/01/21 Incorporated all custom chip system choices into lap results
01/14/21 Enhancements to the team finish list, team summary and team detail reports for Nordic team scoring
01/14/21 Correction to 5 Mile age grade factors
12/29/20 Corrected a bug for divisions with distances that need calibrated age grace factors.
12/29/20 Corrected a bug with individual lap pace.
12/29/20 Improvement to start/finish counter on the chip results screen for common start/finish locations.
12/29/20 Correction to RSU division results.
12/29/20 Added a setting for Race Results to enable date checking when importing chip results.
12/16/20 Correction of bug for common start/finish with separate finish lines by division.
12/16/20 Correction for participants with no gender set in the results kiosk when pulling from RSU.
12/09/20 Corrected a problem with non XC team reporting at RSU.
12/09/20 Correction to XC reports when only a single split has been processed.
12/01/20 Corrected a problem with non XC team reporting at RSU.
12/01/20 Correction to XC reports when only a single split has been processed.
11/19/20 Correction to Age Group report filtering for award winners for 3 segment races.
11/19/20 Correction to RSU Team results for non XC races.
11/19/20 Addition of a standard point-based series report.
11/19/20 Correction to Age Group report for showing DNFs.
11/19/20 Correction to team roster HTML report when produced for combined team classifications.
11/10/20 Improvements to the RSU finish list filtering for XC races.
11/10/20 Correction of the XC Announcer Catch Up for races with waves
11/10/20 Correction to lap results import for MyLaps lap races where there is not a bib/chip cross reference.
11/10/20 Corrected a bug with RSU results publishing in races with multiple sets of combined divisions.
11/10/20 Adjusted the Finish Lynx custom import to add back wave times
11/10/20 Correction to RDS Export for non RSU races.
10/28/20 Added support for certain Impinj chip reads.
10/28/20 Correction to wave time calculations when age groups by division and combining divisions on reports.
10/28/20 Added a button in Update -> Participants to manually force a Race Roster registration ID
10/28/20 Minor heading update to age group lap report.
10/28/20 Enhancement to Kiosk so gun time is not needed from RDS when chip time is present on the report.
10/14/20 Added a way to set the time filter in chip results from a range of net finish times.
10/14/20 Added a "Select All"/"Deselect All" setting to the RD File Selection prompt.
10/14/20 Correction for how qualifiers are computed for XC races with splits.
10/14/20 Correction for results kiosk when linking to RDS.
10/14/20 Correction to how Race Roster results are cleared.
10/14/20 Enhancements to only create/adjust RSU divisions when processing results and to disallow publishing results to RSU if the race is configured as a RDS race.
10/07/20 Bug fix for a when running the cross country detail report in dual mode when only two teams have an acctual score.
10/07/20 Removed all calls to
10/07/20 Change to the Overall Finish List to send Age Grade factors in the GRU data only when the Show Age Grade setting is on.
10/07/20 Correction for RSU Team results when the race uses linked divisions.
09/30/20 Corrections in Tailor -> Teams for syncing with RSU.
09/30/20 Corrected bug that didn't show XC settings correctly on the Results 2 tab in Tailor -> Options.
09/30/20 Eliminated Excess Laps prompt in lap results when in auto-import.
09/30/20 Corrected bug in RSU team publishing for non-XC races.
09/23/20 For lap races, a "Max Time" parameter was added to the division setup.  This works the same way as max laps.  The idea is to disallow total times past 6 hours in a 6 hour lap race.
09/23/20 Enhanced the Start/Finish/Net reporting to work in races where a gun time is used.
09/23/20 Added the ability to create a RSU Group Type from the RD Team Classifications setup screen.
09/23/20 Update for changes at Race Roster for registration data.
09/16/20 Added an option to import Finish Lynx net times.
09/16/20 Enhanced the way files are remembered when importing chip reads in races with finish lines by division.
09/16/20 Added an option to combine all divisions for the Finish Lynx .evt file.
09/16/20 Correction to extract when combining divisions.
09/16/20 Correction for new Allow Mixed start/finish for CT races with bib/chip assignments.
09/16/20 Added wave info to the Finish Lynx ppl file when waves by participant.
09/10/20 Added an option for showing wave group code in place of wave time in the Chip Results grid.
09/10/20 Correction of RSU group type check when starting up Tailor -> Teams
09/10/20 Adjustments to kiosks screen for changes in the RDS connection.
09/10/20 Added wave time as User 2 info in Finish Lynx ppl data.
09/10/20 Correction of bug in lap race announcer leaderboard function for races using the max lap setting.
09/10/20 Correction to last week's correction to the Combined XC Team report.
09/02/20 Changes to the XC Team Roster to allow combining genders by team.
09/02/20 Minor improvements to printing wave info on XC labels and registration roster.
09/02/20 Correction to combined finish list when using waves by division.
09/02/20 Enhancements to IPICO and Trident Direct Connect for races with mixed reads in a common start/finish.
09/02/20 Race Roster import improvement - allow setting "Undefined" in division mapping.
09/02/20 Added wave time to the XC pre-reg report.
09/02/20 Added the option for putting wave time on participant ID labels for XC meets.
08/24/20 Correction to RSD Division placements for XC races.
08/24/20 Correction to RSU publishing for 6+ segment races.
08/24/20 Enhanced the CT Upload to include wave group.
08/20/20 Enhanced Tailor -> Teams to sense when there is no RSU Group setup and upload teams automatically.
08/20/20 Made an enhancement to the Race Roster publishing to clear only results for result sets that RD originally produced.
08/20/20 Enhancements to allow publishing XC results to RSU for previous races from History.
08/12/20 Enhanced the method of setting the gun time from the PC Clock on the lap results screen to also allow for setting wave times.
08/12/20 Enhanced the method of setting the gun time from the PC Clock on the chip results screen to also allow for setting wave times.
08/12/20 Added Finish Lynx .lif file processing as an option for Custom File chip system setup.
08/12/20 RSU Team publishing bug correction.
08/06/20 Enhanced the lap race announcer screen to filter out any laps that exceed the maximum laps allowed for the division.
08/06/20 Added "Team Time Back" option to the RSU team results upload - showing team member offset from the team leader.
08/06/20 Added the participant Wave Group code to the Finish Lynx PPL data.  Added as the next column after the participant's gender.
08/06/20 Adjusted the "Catch Up" button on the Announcer screen for lap races to properly process start reads in races where the initial read is the start read.
07/27/20 Correction for Active Route definition in races with more than 6 segments.
07/27/20 Correction of how all male and all female divisions are getting set for RSU results.
07/27/20 Enhancements to the chip results import and the chip override import for the new Time Machine keyboard app.
07/27/20 Added a new choice for Custom Chip Systems - Time Machine Keyboard App
07/27/20 New app - Time Machine Keyboard app
07/15/20 Enhanced the "Assign In Grid" function on the Override Import screen to allow for changing the bib number.
07/15/20 Corrected bug in lap results leaderboard that was causing some participants to not get selected.
07/15/20 Added split reporting to RSU XC results
07/15/20 Added logic to check that result sets have not been deleted when publishing RSU results.
07/15/20 Corrected results import issue for mixed start/finish races that also have a split point
07/09/20 Correction to how RD sends distance to RDS in simple races with no splits.
07/09/20 Added a check to make sure that timing locations always have a unique name.
06/29/20 Implementation of the 2020 Age Grade factors. (requires a RD re-install.)
06/29/20 Major update for RSU cross country published results.
06/29/20 Correction of problem with pulling Kiosk results from Race Day Scoring.
06/09/20 Enhancement to the results kiosk to recognize immediately when there is a replacement result set created at RSU.  The switch to the new result set will happen without shutting down the kiosk.
06/09/20 Adjustment of chip time to gun time on kiosk screen when pulling from RSU and chip time doesn't show.
06/09/20 Correction to GRU output for DNFs that have a start read.
06/09/20 Added wave group to the XC Finish List report
05/20/20 Added Original Division Placement to report line templates
05/20/20 Corrections for wave and finish time overrides in a mixed Start/Finish race.
04/29/20 Modifications to Start/Finish/Net with a prompt/choose when multiple pairs of times meet the gap factor.
04/29/20 Modifications to Start/Finish/Net Overall and Age Group reports to allow results over more than 4 days.
04/29/20 Major new option for Start/Finish timing locations.  You can now specify that you want to allow mixed reads.  It is explained on the Help screen in TL Properties
04/29/20 Added a new lap results leader board.
03/04/20 Created a way of sending Clydesdale / Athena finishers to RSU in a way that the RSU division is the RD Division name instead of the age group.
03/04/20 Correction for importing wave times in chuncks with the setting to ignore participants who already have a wave time.
03/04/20 Implemented Emergency Contact Info coming from Race Roster
02/26/20 Added a Data Filter button to the Race Series report.
02/26/20 Enhancement for RD to grab the correct top finisher categories when using the results kiosk connected to RDS
02/26/20 Enhancement to force case on relay team name when forcing name/address information to upper or mixed.
02/26/20 Enhancements to PC Timer for a search by bib number and the ability to delete a time from the grid.
02/17/20 Enhanced the RSU participant data import to detect and report participants in relay events that are not assigned to a team.
02/17/20 Correction to File -> RDS Import to accommodate a non numeric event_id in the participant data.
02/17/20 Added Bugsnag error processing
02/17/20 Enhanced the results kiosks to use the top finisher full description when the short description is not set.
02/17/20 Added the options to score a series by age graded.
02/06/20 Adjusted the Age Grade aggregate scoring to be based on average age grade percent instead of total age grade percent.
02/06/20 Added entries on the System 2 tab in Tailor -> Options to keep track of the timer country, time zone and race time zone.
02/06/20 Corrected a bug - DNFs by on results reports when segment definitions vary by division and something goes wrong with how the number of segments is saved.
02/06/20 Corrected a bug on the overall finish list catching DQ participants when filtering the number of finishers to show.
02/06/20 Added the count of participants as a column in the Age Group grid
01/01/20 Cross country changes for new options on how to show displacers.
01/01/20 Update to the Bib/Chip export to include columns for name and city.
01/01/20 Made showing team in GRU data optional - setting on the System tab in Tailor -> Options
01/01/20 Added an option to pad times with leading zeroes.
01/01/20 Added the ability to create RSU events for races in RD history.
01/01/20 Improvement to Finish Lynx export to group participant data for related divisions.
01/01/20 Added the ability to include from other divisions when using the Top Finishers Assign button.
01/01/20 Improvements to the Athlinks publishing when going back to catch up prior years.
01/01/20 Corrections to the RDS Export needed from Trident Direct Connect
01/01/20 Enhanced the RDS Export to produce RDS corrals for races where the RD wave setup is Age Group or Participant.