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Race Director 2020 Update

After you have installed Race Director 2020 please download and install the update below.

Please Check: In Race Director, go to Help -> About RD and confirm that you are using Race Director 2020 before downloading and installing this update.

1. Select the "Update.exe" link below and then choose the "Run" option to begin the update installation.
2.After the download completes successfully, execute the update by double-clicking on the downloaded file.
3.After the installation is complete, the file Update.exe can be deleted.

2020 Update - Run or download this file:

2020 Updates

05/21/241) Corrected bug with the Team Classification mixed team settings.
2) Added a duplicate bib check to bib/chip assignments when there's only one chip per bib.
3) Corrected a bug in the Series report with how division names are shown.
05/01/241) Added the ability to hide the time and/or place on the Overall lap results report.
2) Fixed bug in announcer when used with the Leaderboard app.

1) Fix how RSU result set splits are established for 6+ segment races.
2) Added the setting for how the race deals with start reads to the RDS Export screen.
3) Correction to RSU results when using the setting to use RD division place as age group place.


1) Race Restuls 6+ segment results posting fix
2) Added age grade place to automatically populate when calculations run.

03/14/241) Bug fix for clearing reads between imports for 6+ segment races.
2) Added RD Age Grade as a custom field out to 3 decimals in RSU result sets.

02/26/241) Corrected the browse in the raw reads view.

02/06/241) In publishing RSU results, the RD pace is now sent if there is a difference between the RD division distance and RSU event distance.

01/24/241) Fixed problem preventing times at RSU showing DNS status.
2) Added ability to replace city with team, country, or optional data

12/25/231) Reinstated the BAA export.
2) Added a way of indicating which year you want the Race Roster list based on when assigning a race on the partner tab.
3) Corrected total time calculation for series races involving lap races.

12/12/231) Correction of how single digit ages get displayed on the chip results import screen.
2) Correction of bug in the lap results import for RFID unknown chip reads.

11/28/231) Correction of truncated team names in the Athletic Live integration.
2) Changed the XC "Process as Changes" spreadsheet import to not apply the check for gender.
3) Enhanced the Finish Lynx LIF import to process chip codes in postiion 2.
4) Corrected an issue with logging into RSU with a password with a length greater than 20 positions.
5) Enhanced the GRU output to consder wave time when Start TOD is based on gun time.
6) Correction to label printing bypassing age/gender when QR codes are on label.

10/30/231) NICA correction to make sure DNFs are not counted towards bonus.
2) Adjustments to .LIF chip system imports for when name or team name contains a comma.
3) Bug fix for fix a few weeks ago for Mile Split integration.

10/25/231) Added Long/Short for Race Result
2) Added the ability to show relay teams only on the announcer screen.
3) Added the ability to import splits from .LIF data using the FinishLynx version of a custom chip setup.
4) Added a check for .LIF times that are exactly the same in multiple records.  These records should maintain their relative position from the .LIF data now.
5) Change to allow assigning a RSU virtual event to a division as long as the division is linked to another RD division.

10/11/231) Changed chip results to allow RSU publishing for races created in RDS.
2) Correction to total time calculation for FinishLynx data imported as overrides.
3) Added Finish Lynx to the standard gun time checking in chip results.
4) Added better wording to the wave offset prompts when importing chip reads.
5) Corrected Time of Day output for GRU data when gun time is set by division.

09/12/231) Implementation of Mile Split Live
2) Corrected a bug with showing Do Not Score SC teams on the finish list.
3) Corrected a bug with sending participants to RSU from chip results.

08/31/231) Corrected a bug when assigning RSU Events in 6+ segment races.
2) Enhanced RSU XC results to deal with scoring when it's different by division.
3) Corrected an issuw with RSU division placement for races scored by gun time and with top finisher double dipping.
4) Correction to Timing Location properties screen.
5) Corrected a bug that impacts sorting data when importing reads from multiple files.
6) Corrected a bug for unknown finisher setup when the race is configured with tracking bib numbers on the master participant file.

08/04/231) Removed the total distance check when saving segment setups that include a segment with a swim pace.
2) Enhanced the Active results posting for top finisher and age group double dipping.
3) Made processing chip system triggers a setting on the Finish Line tab in Tailor -> Options. 
4) Correction for RM Timing chip read import.

06/06/231) Fixed issue that would cause Time Machine overrides not to import.
2) Corrected the team relay results report to fill in incomplete teams when in Triathlon mode.

05/19/231) Added a +/- column to the RSU version of the deduction reports to accommodate negative adjusted times
2) Fixed a bug in the series report related to getting the correct segment time identified as the finish time.
3) Corrected a bug in the bib number assignment process when importing relay teams from RSU.
4) Corrected a bug with the running clock for lap races related to division wave times.
5) Corrected a bug with Division as Age Group process
6) Corrected an issue with RSU gender restrictions 

05/03/231) Changes to the Custom chip setup to better work better with the Impinj Speedway software
2) Integration of TCP-IP connection to Impinj Speedway software.
3) Corrected a bug in posting RSU team results when scored by age group place.
4) Changed the RSU publishing when the split times are cumulative time to not send the final split as it is redundant with the finish time.

03/24/231) Corrections to J-Chip prefix assignment process
2) Enhancement for RSU results when you want gender top finishers only (no age groups)
3) For IPICO, Trident and Race Result, made "Pull Directly from Reader" a setting that can now be different by timing location.

03/07/231) Correction to logic when processing RSU participant data imports as changes.
2) Enhancements to the RDS export for cross country.

02/15/231) Added the option to show division name in the detail lines of the series report.
2) Corrected an issue with the Finish Results button in Update -> Participants.
3) Added an onscreen keypad option to the Results Kiosk screen.

01/30/231) Added the option to delete races without the yes/no prompt.
2) Added the ability to also post GRU results when publishing Race Roster results.
12/26/221) Correction to auto wave group assignment when importing start reads.

12/13/221) Enhancements for Race Roster nonbinary in the participant data import.
2) J-Chip modifications.
3) Added race count to File -> Open, File -> New and File -> Delete screens.
4) Added RaceDay Mobile Timing app results file as a custom chip system choice and also a choice for importing overrides.

11/21/221) Corrected an issue with the Mile Split upload
2) Added setup checking to not allow linked divisions in races where there are separate finish lines by division.
3) Added gender checking for cross country races to allow only genders M and F.
4) Added Race Roster to the list of partners in Tailor -> Options.
5) Fix for importing chip reads from FinishLynx .lif data.
6) Correction to Race Entry import.
7) Bug fix for updating participant ages when running the BAA qualifying report.
8) AthleticLive enhancements.
9) Race Results race assignment issue corrected.


1) Bug fix for Athletic Live when publishing from chip results.
2) Bug fix for importing reads using the FinishLynx format for custom chip integration.
3) Added a new connection for Mile Split - automatically sending .lif data for their online results.

10/21/221) Removed the suffix to the external ID in the CT Live participant upload.
2) Added SFTP as a choice in Tailor -> Options -> System 2
3) Improved the auto-import in lap results to eliminate prompts related to saving GRU data.
4) Added FTP send to the Lap Race auto GRU function.
5) Corrections to AthleticLive integration.

09/27/221) Enhanced the chip read auto import to not show prompts about missing start reads.
2) A completely new AthleticLive integration was added to cross country finish list and chip results processing.
3) reinstatement.
4) Enhancement to chip overrides for IPICO where there is more than one chip assignment per bib.
5) Enhancement to RSU publishing to send DNF in single-segment races for participants forced to DNF.
6) Added a warning prompt to the participant data spreadsheet import for XC races linked to RSU about the extension from MP setting.

09/13/221) TFRRS enhancement to allow posting DNF/DNS to TFRRS for high school where there is not an atlete TFRRS number sent.
2) When importing participants from a spreadsheet, a post-import step has been added to send the new participants to RSU if it's an RSU race.
3) Correction to team assignment in the upload to RSU after importing participants from a spreadsheet.

08/30/221) Enhanced the Deductions reporting to remove the 90-minute restriction for applying deductions for downstream reporting.
2) Added a setting for the detail team report to show deductions detail.
3) Corrected a bug in Age Group maintenance when copying age groups from one gender to another.
4) Enhanced the RSU participant data upload to not send birthdate if the RD age is zero.

08/22/221) Added the option to hide the report footers on both of the team pre-race lists.
2) Integrated the Trident tag scanner into the bib-chip assignment, registration kiosk and results kiosk.
3) Corrected an issue with GRU output when it includes Unknown Finishers
4) Removed all of the methods related to assigning RSU Gender by custom question.
5) Enhancement to Race Roster results to send non-binary gender code properly.
6) Corrected the participant edit in Chip Results to allow for a non-binary gender.

08/04/221) Enhanced the pace time at the division level to show Swim instead of Rate when the division level setting is Swim
2) Enhancement for RSU questions where multiple responses are allowed.
3) Race Entry API changes.
4) Correction to RSU Division description for "No Age Given"
5) For races where imported starts are treated as participant waves - implemented an automatic report showing finishers with no wave time
6) Added a warning when you publish results on the day of the race to an RSU race that has notifications configured, but they're in a disabled state.
7) Fixed a bug for combined division age group and overall reporting where linked divisions are used.
8) Corrected a Data Select problem in the Pre-Race Alpha List

07/07/221) Corrected an issue with the RSU process for assigning divisions based on a question response.
2) Corrections to Overrides when using Chronotrack with chip assignments.
3) Added new reporting for chip reads that are under the division minimum.

06/30/221) Corrected the issue with the order of team relay members when printing labels.
2) Corrected bug when copying age groups from one gender to another for races with non-binary.
3) Updates to importing RDS races.
4) Correction to Race Stats report for non-binary races.

05/31/221) Improvements to the software download process.
2) Added an option for NICA series reporting to designate a participant as not scoring in team reports.
3) Added error messages if an attempt is made to configure a race as both cross country and a lap race.
4) Corrected the Age Group descriptions in the RR Online output.
5) Added an option to pick which upcoming Boston Marathon the qualification report is created for.
6) Corrections to the assignment of RD Divisions by RSU Question Response.

05/17/221) Non-binary top finisher bug fix.
2) Corrected a bug in the Age Group report award winner labels for top finishers.
3) Added a function when selecting an entry from the Chip Results finish list to force the result to a different occurrence.

05/03/221) Enhancement to Triathlon Series division mismatch report.
2) Enhancement to better track 1-day USAT registrations when the participant data is imported from RSU.

04/20/221) Correction to how T-Shirt sizes and RSU Giveaway keep in sync in Update -> Participants
2) Corrected authentication issues when starting without an internet connection.
3) Fixed a bug in 6+ segment races that was preventing all reads from clearing.
4) Correction to Splits at Race Roster when calculations are by cumulative time.
5) Corrected live results publishing to RSU to not send gender placements for relay teams.
6) Implementation of RSU V2 Division results publishing. 

04/06/221) Correction to saving settings for report outputs to spreadsheet.
2) Enhancement to Race Roster results to detect there is not an existing result set to clear.
3) Total re-design for Non-Binary.

03/34/221) Correction to pace in Kiosk results when pulling from RSU.
2) Correction to a bug in awards winner's age group reporting when results are posted by division.
3) Implemented backup and restore to Cloud for RSU races.
4) Fix to results kiosk when directly connected to an RDS race.
5) Enhancements to the RDS export because of new features added in RDS.

03/15/221) Correction to First/Last name column when producing an export from Reports -> Labels/Export
2) Bug fix for assigning team relay members to the correct split for MyLaps where there's no bib-chip assignment.
3) Changed the label output when printing labels with QR code to respect the No T-Shirt setting.
4) Changed the QR code creation for RSU QR codes to include the year of the result sets.
5) Corrected an issue with updating start time overrides.
6) Changed finish times chip imports to also take into account the start read when applying the division minimum time filter.
7) Added the Select Data button to the pre-race Alpha List
8) Added a better check when importing RSU participants for whether or not aggregate teams are set up in RD.

02/15/221) Added a prompt about clearing lap results when you with a race from a lap race to a non lap race.
2) Enhanced the RSU Event assignment in Tailor -> Divisions to work when the RSU event covers a date range.
3) Added an option to PC Timer to always suggest the same bib number.
4) Enhanced the Lap Results report to show chip time on non-lap races.

01/31/221) Implemented changes based on improvements at RSU for how non-binary participants are managed.
2) Improvements to RSU button display in Tailor -> Divisions.
3) Added a check to the RSU participant to warn when there are non-binary participants when non-binary scoring has not been set up.
4) Fix for RSU relay team assignment in the participant data import.
5) Improvements to detecting participants added that were previously skipped during chip read imports.
6) Corrected an issue with which reads show in the Raw Reads view for additional timing locations when you have a mixed start/finish timing location.

01/17/221) Fix to RSU import
2) Added the ability to show best X laps in lap reporting.

12/21/211) Corrected an issue with the Lap Results report when used in a segment race.
2) Fine tuning of top finisher descriptions in GRU output.
3) Changes to Race Roster participant data imports and results pushes for non-binary.
4) Correction of an issue when sending RSU results in incremental mode.
5) Created a customizable Lap Race Announcer screen.  The columns to show and the size of the font can be set in the options.
6) Correction to GRU top finisher categories.
7) Correction to the series report when selecting races with varying segment counts

12/07/211) Removed all gender references in cross country reports when running finish reports for divisions flagged as non-binary.
2) Added a new setting so that chip codes can be displayed in decimal in Update -> Participants when using Trident UHF.
3) Bug correction for results set templates with a mixture of sending and not sending chip time
4) Corrected a bug with the setting for uploading participants from related divisions to RSU.

11/17/211) Corrections to how aggregate and relay team names are sent in RSU Result Set Templates
2) Added the ability to set Gender based on a custom question response when importing participant data from RSU.
3) Added a Getting Started Guide for Non-Binary

11/11/211) Changes to enhance RD capabilities with non-binary.
2) Correction to showing finish time in the team view in RSU team results.
3) Correction of a bug on the XC Detail Team report for when segment definitions are different by division.

10/21/211) Corrections to how RSU settings are cleared when cloning an RSU race.
2) Changed RSU results publishing to only send chip or gun time when they are established as a column in the result set template
3) Correction to the division quarantine process
4) Added full address and email to the award winner extract on the age group report
5) Corrected a problem with publishing team results to RSU when scoring by total time

09/26/211) Correction of an issue when building the MileSplit export.
2) Enhancement to the RDS Import to establish the race configured as not posting results.
3) Corrected an error in the RDS Import that resulted in incorrect division distances.
4) Corrected logic for checking for start time quarantine divisions.
5) Added a setting in Live Results Setup for building RSU Divisions from RD age group descriptions for linked divisions.
6) Enhanced the CheckMat report with HTML and Spreadsheet options.


Added RSU links to go directly to the participant and team views in Tailor -> Options

09/10/21Enhanced the results kiosk to show cumulative or segment times/paces respecting the setting in Tailor - Options for cumulative/segment

09/10/21Enhanced the Results kiosk to work with 6+ segment races when connected to RDS

09/10/21TFRRS Correction for races with different segment counts by division.

09/10/21Changes to the RD Kiosk when connected to a RDS XC race.

09/10/21Changed the wording for penalty/credit on lap race reports to "Time Adjustment"

09/10/21Enhanced the Point Based series report to give the option to base points on combined divisions.

09/10/21Correction to setting for sending DNF to RSU results

09/10/21Switched the update download process from FTP to SFTP

08/26/21Fine tuning to start read filtering

08/26/21Added a prompt when importing Race Results chip reads when not configured for chip assignments but chip assignments exist.

08/26/21Enhancement to remove gender references in pre-race alpha list if it's a non binary division.

08/26/21Enhanced the kiosk when linked to RSU to show double/triple dip age group placements.

08/10/21Enhancement to the Kiosk printout to show all categories when connected to RDS where there is double / triple dipping.

08/10/21Correction to Kiosk screen when connected to RDS where there is double/triple dipping.

08/03/21Changed the age group HTML to show "Ages" instead of gender for link headings.

08/03/21Improvements for MyLaps long/short calculations

08/03/21Corrections for IPICO Long/Short lap races

08/03/21Enhanced the Mile Split export from cross country based on new requirements from Mile Split.

08/03/21For RSU races, made a change to only allow a Group Type to get created when none exist at RSU.

07/21/21Enhancements to the RDS Import to cover recent changes.

07/21/21Added an option to limit the number of bonus races in the Point Based Series Report.

07/21/21Correction of problem with team results at RSU for races with combined division results.

07/21/21Correction of bug causing a prompt about invalid start times for races with combined division results at RSU.

07/21/21Corrections to GRU store / save process

07/21/21Added a scrolling HTML option for lap race overall summary reports.

07/13/21Enhancements to File -> RDS Export.

07/13/21Additional logic in RD to ensure that any divisions that originate in RDS do not get overwritten from RD.

07/08/21Added a check when starting a new year to catch that you are auto assigning top finishers and giving the option to turn this off.

07/08/21An option to include non-finishers was added to the Prior Year Results report.

07/08/21Corrected an issue with the RSU participant data import for races where you do not want the age calculated from the birth date

06/01/21Enhanced chip results screen to remember certain settings based on timing location.

06/01/21Added the ability to also publish GRU results when publishing RSU results.

06/01/21Correction to interpolated age group factors for races that don't have a standard age grace factor distance.

06/01/21Added the ability to set gender based on a custom question response in the RSU participant data import.

06/01/21Enhanced the import process for split/finish reads to report pre-gun reads only if there isn't a good read after the pre-gun read(s).

06/01/21Correction to setting occurrence counts when configuring segments.

06/01/21Enhancements to the headings for the point based series report.

06/01/21Added an option to show DNF participants on the point based series report 

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